Directory Listings and Reviews

Why should you care about your directory listings?

Getting positive customer reviews on Google is one of the best and most effective ways to improve your exposure and visibility online.

Search engines like Google are smart enough to know that if customers are responding positively to your business then, logically, your website should appear more prominently in search.

However, getting a customer review isn’t as easy as it could be, often requiring visitors to make half a dozen mouse-clicks, navigate to a different page, fill in a form or (cringe) create a new account.

Quantity + Rating = Ranking

Review quantity AND ratings affect a local listing’s ranking in Google’s local search results.

Isn’t the linear digression of each statistic amazing? With data stretching over 54,376 business listings, this is a strong correlation.

Do reviews help your ranking? Absolutely.

Our analysis shows the highest-ranked listings on Google’s local search results have an average of 38 reviews. On the other hand, the lowest ranked listings have an average of only 14.3 reviews.

The top-ranked listings on Google’s local search results have an average rating of 3.7-stars, while the tenth-ranked listings have just 3.0-stars.


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