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Broadcasting + Live Streaming Channel

Real Broadcasting Company was created for the future of media engagement, supporting internal and external corporate communications and outreach, using our disruptive cloud technology.

Your 24/7 Dedicated Channel
We have created a network that consists of channels broadcasting 24/7. Your private broadcast contains not only prerecorded, scheduled videos but also broadcasts live by automatically switching the channel to a live stream.

When the live broadcast is finished, the channel automatically goes back to broadcasting the scheduled content. Every channel contains at least the prior 1 hour of broadcast so that if a watcher was late to a live broadcast, that watcher can always rewind the channel up to 1 hour to not miss a thing.

Easy to Use. Excellent Quality.
Real Broadcasting Company eliminates the need for big budget studios. We have moved the million-dollar studios into sanctuaries, out on an ultralight flight line, into a video podcaster studio, and other areas very successfully.

In today’s world, the only equipment needed is a camera capable of high definition (newer cell phone, iPad or similar device) combined with an encoder connected to the internet through a connection (app we provide) including anything from a high-speed business line all the way down to a cellular hotspot connected to the internet via 4G LTE.

Coronavirus Contingency Plan

This is the perfect platform for supporting your current Coronavirus Contingency Plan!

Unlike other video platforms, we are:
• Switchable (from live to scheduled and back)
• Prerecorded + scheduled programming
• Safe + secure
• Cannot skip commercials
• Easy to stream from any device
• Searchable library
• Will not take you off channel or topic

B2B Use Cases:
• Corporate events
• Critical global meetings
• Executive announcement to global teams
• Employee training
• Corporate conferences
• Regional user groups

Schools, Universities and Institutions
• Platform for instruction
• Interacting with students who are quarantined
• Events, ie. sports, news, announcements

Event Management Companies
• Live stream instead of cancelling events

to ponder...

Institutions that once had to
go through media to deliver information
are now themselves media..

– @anachison

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    Live Content to Create. Real-time Ways to Engage.

    Live Stream your Conference

    There are literally dozens of compelling cases for using B2b\B live streaming and pre-recorded broadcasting, but here are the are the some of the scenarios where we believe you will really succeed in creating value and engagement.

    Create Excitement Around Your Brand
    A product launch, a new program, promotion, breaking news from executive leadership, you simply can’t beat the power of live broadcasting. Watching a live stream generates a sense of immediacy that no other medium can compete with. From our experience, viewers are compelled to tune in and stay tuned in. Viewers want to be in the know. Live is always better.

    Improving Your ROI in Meetings
    Live in-person meetings are an essential component of any serious customer, channel or employee engagement strategy, and yet they can be costly and the pressure to prove a return on investment (ROI) is immense. Live broadcast can extend the reach of these investments by making the content from a meeting available to an audience far beyond those who can attend in person. Consider the following as possibilities for your own company.

    Broadcast Messages to your Employee Base and External Ecosystem.
    Not every employee can attend the typical corporate kickoff meeting held at the beginning of the year -- but the company stands to benefit if every single employee fully understands and embraces the company’s mission and strategic trajectory. Consider live broadcasting your key segments so that employees who remain at headquarters or out in the field can be as engaged with your organization as those sitting in the ballroom.

    Live stream high-profile thought leadership sessions to internal stakeholders, partners and/or customers.
    Companies often employ costly keynote speakers or analysts to shed light on complex subjects. Why not let your channel partners and customers benefit from this investment by promoting and broadcasting these sessions directly to them? Suddenly, your regional internal meeting can take on a customer-facing, global footprint, expanding your reach -- and your ROI -- exponentially.

    Create an online TED talk-style learning destination
    Corporate meetings are chock-full of valuable learning and training content. Why limit the benefits to those who can physically attend? Consider taking your entire meeting format online by setting up virtual registration and creating a platform where you can both broadcast sessions live and make them available as video-on-demand content afterward. With a few key sponsorships, your online platform can even become a revenue generator.

    Empowering Your Company To Be Agile
    The speed of business today requires companies to become increasingly agile, and live broadcasting can be a game-changer in this respect.

    One scenario: Your brand just had a product or service issue, which affects everyone in your organization, from the sales team to the supply chain. You desperately need to get out your message before the situation spins out of control and put a crisis management plan in place to mitigate the damage. With live broadcast, you now have an instant pipeline to communicate to your audience accurately, authentically and, most importantly, immediately.

    Your leadership team can calmly and confidently outline a critical plan of action, issue marching orders and even field questions from concerned employees through a live Q&A. By taking this swift action and effectively addressing the problem, your company can get ahead of customer complaints and any potentially negative media spin. This is the power of live broadcast.

    Flexibility, Transparency and Immediacy
    You can easily see why live broadcast has become the newest darling of the corporate communications world. I can guarantee that once you leverage the power of engaging your audience in real-time, you’ll never look back.

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