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Ecommerce website methodology

Our ecommerce website methodology has evolved over 100s of projects across the world, this methodology is mature and proven to be successful.


After a thorough study of your specific business needs, our Sales and Marketing team will work together with you to review your business requirements, execute an analysis of your competitors, explore technology options, and then will recommend what will be needed to best fulfill your business needs. This phase presents findings that include recommended features, order flow and guidance on overall site structure.


Our UI designers review the site analysis document and create storyboards for the complete system starting from the home page, the storyboard pays special attention to product presentation, checkout process and access to support. At this stage you begin to see what your Ecommerce site will look like. This is the best time to suggest changes to the system as this stage can accommodate any and every change needed.

Design Integration

The final storyboard is now converted to responsive cross device and platform compliant HTML skin depending on the ecommerce platform suggested. This phase is very important as the HTML delivered will dictate how the site works, by ensuring the HTML is fully compliant with web standards we speed up the process and avoid expensive mistakes.

Programming and Database Creation

In this stage of the project, coding of all the processes is done and the backend database management tools are created. Here is where all the mock-ups are changed into real dynamic database-driven pages. Our programmers follow the guidelines that have been established in all of the previous steps, so their job is now much easier and goes quicker.  This is one of the reasons behind our  excellent cost-effectiveness and our higher quality.

Shopify Partners

Systems integration

BCM offers automated integration to bookkeeping software and ERP integration that will work well with several other systems, like Sage, Quickbooks, SAP, and Visual Manufacturing.  A big reason we recommecnd using the Shopify platfom. POS systems are provided to take care of a variety of tasks such as inventory management, invoicing, payroll, and even a few aspects of Customer Relationship Management. Full integration of these systems has an advantage of protecting your system from the errors that usually come from manual data transfer and entries.

Quality Check

Before we make your site live, our quality assurance engineers will put your system through a meticulous set of rules that includes usability and performance criterion. Final adjustments are made that prepare for a formal QC sign off and then your site is ready for live hosting.

Importing Your Products

Your products can be seamlessly imported into the E-commerce system whenever needed. This can be done through the admin backend or by emailing us and asking us to set this up during the development stages at no additional cost. Customized imports and data migration from external systems can be handled through the tailored upgrades category.

Search Engine Optimization

Our highly skilled SEO specialists will make specialized Meta tag rules for your products so you can actively compete against your industry category. You will receive a free listing with Google and Google Products, with Yahoo, and with Bing (which used to be MSN Live).  The inbuilt Google submission tools will automate your weekly listing of all your sites products with all important Google Products. A Google analytics account will be set up for you and you will get a weekly email reporting on your site’s activity stats.


BCM will continue to provide you with support and training after your site is live. If your site has a full-featured backend, you will be able to modify any and all aspects of your system as you wish.  The interface is very intuitive and quite easy to use and fully understand. The BCM project lead will guide you through the various features and give you appropriate training to empower you to do both basic and advanced adaptations to your shopping cart.

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People don't buy what you do,
they buy why you do it.

—Simon Sinek

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