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How we work

Our methodology is designed to help you take maximum advantage of the internet technologies. It incorporate all aspects related to your website and allows us to ensure that the final product is of the highest standards. Below are the steps we will take to ensure that all your deliverables are completed in time and within budget.

  1. Requirements analysis

The first step for us is to analyse your and your target market’s requirements. Who will be visiting your website, what will be the purpose of their visit, what is the primary goal of your website, how can your organisation best cater to their needs etc. Many such questions are analysed for the Needs Analysis stage.

If we are given access to the current website statistics, we would also like to analyse your current page views, average user time spent on the site, top landing pages, existing search engine rankings, existing bounce rates and many such factors. We analyse your online target audience and assess your differentiation strategy to best attract and retain your online visitors.

Your website will also undergo comprehensive search engine analysis twice during the course of the project; once during this stage and once again after the deployment (Go Live phase) of your website.

  1. Formulate digital strategy

Based on the needs analysis, we determine the factors that will best serve your website. We look at the trends in the market to ensure that you have the latest technology, components and elements. We take time to think outside the box and give consideration to more than your present day business needs so that your website can sustain any upcoming future needs.

As a part of this phase, we also finalise the primary and secondary keywords or key-phrases for your website. These primary and secondary keywords or key-phrases are then used throughout the website development phases.

  1. Web-page conceptualisation

We consider this stage to be one of the most crucial factors in any project. We justify every single aspect of the design to ensure that each element is serving a specific need and the website is truly designed to attract, retain and enhance the end user-experience.

We will be to develop three custom built, high-end website design templates or concepts, incorporating your marketing and communication strategy. Many thought processes and brainstorming will go into this process to create a design that is serving your existing needs as well as is sustainable with the future growth. Together with your input, we’ll come up with the designs that will effectively communicate your brand and online identity to your stake holders.

The finalised concepts or templates will then be used for two other internal pages to give you an understanding of how internal content intensive pages will look.

At this stage, we will submit designs and concepts for your review and feedback.

  1. Web Development

Once we have received your acceptance of the detailed design, we proceed to the HTML development and CMS configuration phase. Primary and Secondary keywords or key-phrases are used throughout the development.

The HTMLs are prepared in accordance with the W3C standards. Our well experienced team has in-depth understanding of the W3C standards such as CSS, XHTML etc. Your websites will be built using these proven standards.

Once all developments are done, we proceed to the Testing phase, where features of your website and the Content Management System is tested rigorously.

Once the preliminary testing is done, we then proceed to the multi-browser test, where your website is tested over major browsers such as IE, Firefox & Safari as a standard practice. If you require yoru website to be tested on more browser, simply ask us to have them included in the testing phase for your project.

For your information, the latest worldwide browser statistics are as follows.

As discussed previously, we would also like to analyse browser and platform statistics of your website at the planning phase to ensure that your new website is built accordingly.

  1. Evaluation and fine-tuning

Once website is passed through the preliminary testing phase, we can handover the site for User Acceptance Testing to you if UAT is required. Upon receiving User Acceptance Testing signoff from you and based on your feedback, we will do the necessary changes to the website.

Once all cleared from your end, we will proceed to the Data Migration phase.

  1. Data Migration phase

Once we have received the UAT signoff, we will proceed to migrate all data from your current website to your new website. You can alternatively provide new content in a word document (one document per page). Depending upon your project, migration is done manually, one page at a time. The content is also organised based on the new navigation panel and site structure. We also keep your primary and secondary keywords in mind while migrating the content over, so that you can take maximum advantage of the search engine indexes.

  1. Pre-deployment phase

Once the data has been ready, we submit the site for your review for final feedbacks. Once cleared, we will setup the site on the server where it is going to be deployed. Once setup on your server, website undergoes testing again to ensure that data-integrity and quality of deliverables are maintained. The site will ready for the final deployment once pre-deployment phase is done.

  1. Website handover

Once the site is setup on your destination server, upon your approval we make the website live. One final set of testing is done on the live website for the quality assurance purposes. We then hand over the control of the site to you.

  1. Search Engine Indexing

Once your website is live, we will submit your website to various search engines and directories for them to index your new website on their servers. We intent do submit your website on up to 80 search engines and directories.

  1. e-Marketing / SEO / SEM

Your website will be Search Engine ready at the time of deployment. We have helped many of our clients achieve top rankings on Google. Although, it is very difficult to guarantee any position on search engine, especially for a newly launched website/domain, we will have a clearer picture of your search engine ranking after the first three month’s of it being live.

At that stage, we can conduct a Comprehensive Search Engine Analysis to assess over 100 factors that affect ranking of a website on the search engines. At this stage, we thoroughly analyse each factor and prepare an e-Strategy for the Search Engine Optimisation. This will be a separate service. A typical SEO strategy is minimum 6 months long and generally starts one to three months after the deployment.

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